EA Principals Rolls out Specialized TOGAF Courses for Financial Services, Healthcare & Government

Due to popular demand, EA Principals is offering specialized TOGAF certification courses for Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government, all with emphasis on the following themes:

EA Principals Announces new Enterprise & Solution Architecture (E&SA) Certification Program

Starting in January 2016, EA Principals will roll out the most comprehensive, vendor-neutral, Enterprise & Solution Architecture course in the world.

Coming Soon, New Book From Dr. Steve Else: Integrated EA: Customer Solution Architecture Methodology (CSAM)

Coming Soon!

Integrated EA: Customer Solution Architecture Methodology (CSAM)

a book by Steve Else, Ph.D., PMP

New Graduate Certificate for Enterprise & Solution Architecture at the University of Denver

EA Principals' CEO, Dr. Steve Else, has been working with the University of Denver, University College, to help establish the first ever graduate certificate in Enterprise & Solution Architecture. This certificate can be earned by successfully passing 4 graduate classes on Enterprise & Solution Architecture.

Basics of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Can Deliver a Foundation for Execution

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