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Trade Studies with Uncertain Information

During every stage of the design process, designers trade off performance, cost, and risk in an evolutionary process whose goal is to find a satisfactory solution. This paper explores a recent method to manage the trade study process especially when uncertainty is pervasive and decisions are a mix of quantitative and qualitative information. We believe that it is possible to support a trade study process that is sensitive to the uncertainties in evolving system information, a key ingredient in managing risk, robustness, changes and spiral development.

EA 4th Generation

EA 4th Generation (EA4G) Is Here: Here’s What You Need to Know


EA 4.0 provides an automated, interactive knowledge center that makes a company’s data and resources useful in a practical, hands-on way. This implementation, which is EA framework agnostic, includes multiple layers of tools, including a relational database repository, a toolset to push and pull information, searching and reporting capabilities, and management utilities.

CIO, the Transformational Leader

The disruptive forces of SMAC-IoT and the new data insights continue to present opportunities and challenges for all businesses and industries. Customer preferences, thereby experiences and expectations of business services are changing at an unprecedented pace. New competitors and challengers are evolving rapidly, altering existing market dynamics or creating new markets.  This will only accelerate in 2016 and beyond. In this scenario, how do CIOs bring together technology and business to enable transformations and change within the enterprise?

What is the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture? What is the impact on TOGAF & ITIL?

Recently, The Open Group released the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0, a value chain based operating model for managing the business of IT. It creates a model of various functions that IT needs to perform to help business (organizations), thus identifying the key activities that contribute to business competitiveness and high value. The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture defines the IT management Framework focussing on the Lifecycle of Services while being independent of product, technology or vendor.