Private Training

Amplify Your Performance and Deliver Sustainable Results.

EA Principals provides unique, customized Enterprise Architecture training that is designed to deliver sustainable results. As a leading provider of Enterprise Architecture Training and Professional Services, we have been entrusted to provide EA and transformation training to major organizations and government departments both in America and overseas.

When it comes to private training, we work with your organization to understand your specific training requirements and develop meaningful goals. We then create bespoke case studies and scenario materials to help contextualize the course in line with your organization’s goals and objectives.

We have multiple delivery options available to suit your requirements, including on-site, external locations, live online, and eLearning.

All our training courses are available as a private in-house course, normally starting from groups of 6 and up.

There are many benefits to in-house training with EA Principals including:

  • Training with current contributors to the EA industry
    EA Principals are a Gold Member of The Open Group and is the preferred training partner to major corporates and government departments around America. Our CEO and Lead Trainer, Dr Steve Else is a key contributor within The Open Group and most recently was one of the co-authors of the ArchiMate 3 pocket guide. EA Principals is also an early adopter of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture and has been involved with its production and release. EA Principals were co-sponsors of the launch of IT4IT™ and are one of the only accredited IT4IT™ training providers in the world. 
  • Tailored Discussion
    Our courses combine theory with in-class discussion and facilitation. In private courses, we focus these discussion sessions on topics that are highly relevant to your organization. You therefore get the opportunity to obtain expert insights from our instructors on real-time and pressing business issues in your organization.
  • Team-Building and Collaboration
    Private courses provide a great environment to bring your team together to discuss current issues in the business and to build engagement and rapport within the team.
  • Consistent, Continuous Delivery
    We only use dedicated, specialist instructors who are true experts in their field. Based on your requirements and industry sector, we will work with you to provide an instructor across your training program that will best meet your goals and objectives. When this involves multiple courses, we will work with you to ensure that the selected instructor is available across all of your courses so that you can get a consistent and continuous learning experience across all your sessions.
  • Cost Savings
    We offer significant discounts on private training courses, particularly when you provide the training room and other amenities required for the course.
  • Ongoing Support
    We provide you with ongoing mentoring and support after the training program has finished. This helps to ensure that the learning does not stop when your attendees leave the classroom, and that it makes its way back into your organization in an impactful way. Many of our clients combine our private training with consulting and mentoring packages to kick-start their Architecture initiatives and make sure that ongoing value is delivered to the business.
  • Customized Content
    We create bespoke case study and scenario materials to help contextualize the course in line with your organization’s goals and objectives. We also adjust the delivery of the course modules to focus on content that is most relevant to your audience.

Feature Private Course: EA Executive Workshop

EA Principal’s Executive Workshop will help set the stage for overall Enterprise Architecture understanding and how frameworks, modeling languages, and tools can be integrated most effectively for the enhanced prioritization, scoping, and oversight of transformation initiatives. Enterprise Architecture programs should be established with an emphasis on their Return on Value/Investment in a reasonable time frame.

This Executive Workshop will help lay out how this can be done and build the foundation for an Enterprise Architecture investment that will be well-designed for greater efficiency and innovation through a more integrated and transparent approach to meet the challenges of rapid business and technological changes.

We have been successfully running customized one day Executive Workshops in Enterprise Architecture for management / non-architect teams for many large organizations over a number of years.

We will work with your organization to create a customized one day workshop to build the foundation for your Enterprise Architecture investment and can conduct the workshop onsite or online at your preferred time.

Please contact us for further information or for a complimentary consultation regarding this course and your specific requirements.