Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

The Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (EAPJ) enables diverse contributors to share expertise and experiences in its fields of interest, which are enterprise, business, application, information, integration, technology and security architecture, as well as the strategic management of business and technology transformation.

EAPJ publishes peer-reviewed material that advances its fields of interest and supports the careers of its readers. EAPJ also fosters a professional community through online venues for article discussion and social interaction, as well as through conferences and other services. EAPJ combines the strengths of peer-reviewed technical journals and professional newsmagazines. EAPJ invites submission of academic, feature, opinion, and interview articles. The editorial staff also considers other submissions, such as images, interactive graphics, video, and animations. Successful submissions contain actionable information that enhances the capabilities of professionals working within the EAPJ fields of interest. Each issue consists of one or more articles centered on a theme introduced by an editor’s message. Typical articles are no more than 5,000 words in length, with body text interspersed with callouts, graphics and tables. After reading the editor’s message, readers should be able to get the gist of each article quickly by looking at the callouts, graphics and tables. An editor screens each submissions to assess: 

  • The relevance of its subject matter to the EAPJ fields of interest.
  • The quality of its observations, references, reasoning and writing style. Academic articles should conform to the IEEE Editorial Style Manual.
  • Its subject matter and type relative to the current needs of the EAPJ.

If a submission passes the initial screening process, the editor appoints at least two additional reviewers. The ensuing peer review process results in one of the following ratings:

  • Publishable. Acceptable as-is, or with requested revisions.
  • Not publishable yet. The author must revise the article based on feedback from the reviewers, and repeat the peer review process.
  • Not publishable. The editor provides feedback to help the author succeed.

EAPJ encourages submissions, readership and community participation from individuals representing the widest possible variety of geographical regions, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Authors must attest that their submissions would not infringe upon any copyrights or intellectual property laws if published in the EAPJ. To submit an article, please fill in the form below and upload the document. Please address any questions, ideas or comments to [email protected].