Enabling Businesses to Exceed Expectations

EA Principals’ Enterprise Architecture consulting services will help enable organizations to redesign and realign their existing architectures to accomplish their business strategies by identifying critical business drivers and translating them into blueprints.

Even the most capable architecture practices can use our consulting services to execute high-value strategic projects, especially when time is of the essence. We help in establishing a well-defined and planned Enterprise Architecture, which brings greater efficiencies within the business, enabling organizations to monitor the entire business and IT landscape in real-time without reinventing the wheel. Organizations become enabled to identify any existing gaps, and prepare the strategic, tactical and operational roadmaps, in order to achieve target architectures. Scalability and flexibility are key components to adapt to changing market and business scenarios and to support new business processes. EA Principals will help you do just that.

EA Audit Services

EA Principals provides independent audit services, to test your firm’s EA maturity, capabilities, and approach. With so much at stake for an Enterprise Architecture initiative to succeed, it is crucial to make sure the EA group is going in the right direction. Many firms do not have employees who are independent of these areas, or find it costly to devote the time and resources necessary to accomplish this internally. For these reasons, many firms use independent third parties such as EA Principals to provide this service, which helps them give a fresh perspective and reassurance that Industry best practices are being followed and implemented. EA Principals’ pool of Principals makes us qualified to perform this service with experience and education necessary to perform this service. Our EA audit process is a way to strengthen or improve your firm’s EA program, and it is our goal to help our clients however we can in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Management/Decision Support Services

We provide PMO-supportive consulting, training, and customized workshops in these areas:

  • PMO Support Systems, including
  • Project Performance Metrics Development
  • Dashboard Indicator Interfaces for
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Risk Management
  • Seamless EA-enabled Project Data Integration
  • Complex Project/Program Design
  • Project Management Certification Training
  • EA Governance for Project Managers

Project/Portfolio Management Services

We provide Enterprise Architecture consulting, training, and customized workshops in the following areas:
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • CIO Effectiveness
  • Benchmarking of IT Best Practices and Trends
  • Organizational Performance Assessment & Improvement (Baldrige Criteria and Methodology)
  • Knowledge Management and Human Capital Management
  • Design of Centers of Excellence
  • Decision Architecture for Better Governance
  • Alternatives Analysis and Decision Support Tools, Including the Powerful Parmenides EidosTM Software:
  • EA Principals is proud to provide consulting that includes the use of Parmenides EidosTM software, an innovative approach to complex decision making that enables strategic clarity by helping executives and experts define the key elements in complex situations, develop flexible and focused strategies to address them, test the robustness of these strategies against scenarios, and assess the potential risks involved in implementation. EidosTM is a premium product from the Parmenides Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering multi-disciplinary research on thinking. We work with specialized software and techniques to facilitate the analysis of alternatives and the building of traceable decisions linked to actionable and successful roadmaps and blueprints for planning and executing change.

Recruiting the Right Architect Is Very Important.

Enterprise Architecture is continuously evolving and so is the need for high-performing Enterprise Architects and Business Architects. EA principals knows you’re in need of ambitious, highly motivated individuals to bring fresh ideas and great prosperity to the table. That is why we use our state of the art recruiting techniques to make sure that you have the right candidate. A single mistake of hiring the wrong architect can push the company’s expected progress back by years. Identifying the right candidate for these positions requires a rigorous approach: a thorough understanding of firm’s goals and requirements. EA Principals applies real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and uses proven assessment tools to recruit architects who have the necessary skill, experience, and personal qualities to advance company strategies and achieve outstanding results. Our recruitment process includes personality assessments, communication and soft skills assessment, series of education and experience-related interview sessions, presentations, scenarios, and case study-based one-on-one discussions, and finally background verification to make sure we have the right candidate for you. We help you achieve lasting business success today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

With EA Principals, each candidate is guaranteed to be highly motivated, professional, and proficient in their field. With the collective information from our Master EAs, each employee has the opportunity to open doors to worlds never imagined.

Our recruitment services include

  • Contract Positions
    • Enterprise architect
    • Business architect
    • Technical architect
    • Data architect
    • Solution architect
    • Project/ Program Managers
  • Permanent Positions
    • Enterprise architect
    • Business architect
    • Technical architect
    • Data architect
    • Solution architect
    • Project/ Program Managers