EA 4th Generation (EA4G) Is Here: Here’s What You Need to Know

EA 4.0 provides an automated, interactive knowledge center that makes a company’s data and resources useful in a practical, hands-on way. This implementation, which is EA framework agnostic, includes multiple layers of tools, including a relational database repository, a toolset to push and pull information, searching and reporting capabilities, and management utilities.

In fact, the system is not just automated: It's capable of learning from users in order to better tailor information to the individual who is requesting that data.

By learning from user feedback, the software customizes responses so individuals can get the information they need in an efficient manner. Although EA modeling isn’t quite to a level of full interactivity yet, the newest software is currently using feedback to enhance EA modeling to give users more of what they need.


Start where you are

The idea is to take advantage of and build upon existing EA investments, even integrating with an existing portal. An effective solution provider will understand the level of maturity of your current EA implementation and provide the setup and capabilities you need to reach and enhance your data’s value. Regardless of whether your organization needs one tool, a package of tools, or a portal, the aim is to implement the tools your organization needs at the level you need.

EA Principals, through its Cloud EA offering, delivers this level of customization to ensure your company has the features it needs to truly benefit from EA modeling. Regardless of where you are now, EA Principals can provide software that scales as you grow and your EA implementation matures. This approach makes EA a viable, useful, and agile approach for organizations of any size that are ready to move to the next generation of analytics and transformation.

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