IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Certification is seen as critical to the future of IT. In October, 2015, The Open Group released the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0, a value chain based operating model for managing the business of IT.  The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture defines the IT management Framework focusing on the Life-cycle of Services for running IT as Business, while being independent of product, technology or vendor.  It is meant to substantially alter the design and operation of IT organizations from technology brokers to enabler of business-services aligned to corporate strategy.  Given the digital disruptions and related transformations in business, this makes CIO and his team highly relevant to business. Certainly, major transformations looming for and in IT function itself. During February, 2016 a select group of partners (including EA Principals Inc.) participated in Beta Tests for the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, providing an early feedback on the draft models, concepts, terminologies and testing. According to The Open Group, individual certification (Level 1) will open in early to mid April, 2016 so the individuals can appear on the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture launch register.  At that time individuals will be invited to login to the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture certification system to accept the TMLA and complete certification. The launch register will be made public for The Open Group London Conference (April 25-28, 2016). The target audience for this level includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individuals who require a basic understanding of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture and IT Value Chain
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for delivering IT services
  • IT Professionals/Practitioners who are focused on instrumenting the IT management landscape
  • Enterprise Architects who are responsible for IT business transformation
  • Individuals who want to achieve IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Level 2 certification

The learning objectives at this level will focus on knowledge of the concepts, terminology and structure of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture and understanding of the core principles of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture and the IT Value Chain. IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Foundation certification (Level 1) will be achieved through a 40 question exam following a course of self-study or attendance at an Accredited Training Course. The syllabus for all accredited courses and the program configuration for IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Foundation are now available with The Open Group and its partners. IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Level 2 Certification is expected to be announced after the launch of Level 1.

For more info on IT4IT™ Reference Architecture see:™ Reference Architecture-what-is-the-impact-on-togaf-itil/ 

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