Emily Zhang, Enterprise Architect

I made a decision to take 4-day unpaid leave to take the live class. It was very much worth it! The class was full. The energy level was high. There were major benefits of taking the live class compared to self-study, as described below:

      1. More study materials, and more practice tests including a quiz website where Dr. Else generated tests to allow the students to see their rankings in each test.

      1. Dr. Else answered my questions. With self-study, you had no one to ask questions. 

      1. Case studies: The class was not only useful for preparing for the tests, but also for solving real-world enterprise architecture issues. The group discussions of the case study covered fundamental areas where TOGAF could be applied to.

      1. Sharing among the students: The students shared how they would prepare for the tests and practical strategies. 

      1. ArchiMate tool: This modeling tool was used to illustrate some concepts in standard notations.

    I highly recommend the live class for the above-mentioned benefits! 

    Emily Zhang, Enterprise Architect