Enterprise and Solution Architecture BCS Intermediate (Level 1) (Live Online, 2024-07-22)

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Monday, July 22, 2024 to Friday, July 26, 2024
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Live Online



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Enterprise and Solution Architecture BCS Intermediate (Level 1) Certification Option delivers a powerful method to learn the tools and gain the skills of a modern Solution Architect. This is a 5-day class that prepares students for both levels of BCS (British Computer Society) E&SA certification: Intermediate ICESA and Practitioner PCESA. Students may sit for one or both exams on the 5th day. Course Description This course includes presentations, discussions, class exercises, and case studies. It covers a broad sweep of architecture terms and concepts found in architecture frameworks such as TOGAF® and Zachman™. The course concentrates on the tools and methods of the modern Solution Architect including the ArchiMate® modeling language. Students will use industry-accepted methods to analyze and describe enterprise and solution architectures, from business goals to technological building blocks. This course includes vendor and technology-independent topics on solution architecture techniques and products, application integration patterns, design for qualities (non-functional requirements), and real world case study work. Topics include:

  • Context: Principles, Scoping, Stakeholders, Goals, Requirements, ATAM
  • Methodology: Architecture Processes, Vocabulary, Archimate® Concepts and representations
  • Business Domain: Business Domain Artifacts, Functions, Capabilities, Scenario Driven Design
  • Data Domain: Data Domain Artifacts, Data at Rest, Data in Motion, Data Quality and Interoperability
  • Software Domain: Software Domain Artifacts, Modularity and Decoupling, Design Patterns, Interoperability and Communication types
  • Application Domain: Artifacts, Services, Use Cases, Architecture, Integration Patterns
  • Design for Qualities: Performance, Availability, Recoverability, Integrity, Security, Technology Domain Artifacts, Solution Technology Definitions
  • Migration Planning: Migration Path, Business Cases, The Agile Mindset

Target Audience: Everybody interested in the terms, concepts and practice of architecture; especially people wanting to act in an architect role, and their stakeholders. It is recommended that attendees have seven years’ experience of IS/IT work including contact with architects and architecture descriptions.

Approach: The course is intensive. It includes presentations, discussions, class exercises and exam preparation. The BCS certification option concludes on day 5 with two examinations for the BCS professional certificates. Each is a formal 60-minute exam, comprising 40 multiple choice questions.

Architecture and architects

  • Foundation concepts
  • Architecture granularity
  • Architecture domains
  • Hierarchical or layered architecture
  • Architect roles, goals and skills

Architecture precursors

  • Stakeholders
  • Drivers, aims and directives
  • Solution descriptions and plans
  • Standards
  • Scope of architecture work requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Business case

Architecture frameworks

  • Architecture process frameworks
  • Architecture descriptions
  • Architecture models and abstractions
  • Architecture description frameworks

Business architecture

  • Foundation concepts
  • Business structure and behavior
  • Business process decomposition and automation
  • Design for business security

Data architecture

  • Foundation concepts
  • Knowledge and/or content management
  • Data architecture structure
  • Data qualities and integration
  • Design for data security

Software architecture

  • Foundation concepts
  • Component structures and patterns
  • Component interfaces
  • Component interoperation styles
  • Component communication styles
  • Publish and subscribe distribution

Applications architecture

  • Foundation concepts
  • Applications structure and behavior
  • Design for applications security
  • Application platform

Design for NFRS

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Recoverability
  • Integrity
  • Scalability
  • Security

Infrastructure architecture

  • Foundation concepts
  • Infrastructure structure and behavior
  • Design for infrastructure security

Migration planning and architecture management

  • Gap analysis
  • Migration path
  • Risk analysis

Architecture management

  • Architecture implementation
  • Architecture change management
  • Architecture governance
  • Architecture in operations
Delivery Method: 5-day class, Face to Face Instructor Led only. Paper based BCS examination(s). Examination(s) will be held on the 5th day of the training session. Results will be handed over anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

A 100% refund, minus a 5% processing fee, will be given to students who drop or withdraw from the EA Principals, Inc. class no later than the 21st day prior to the announced scheduled start date. No refund will be given within 21 days of the published start date. Students missing a portion of a class, due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, will be able to attend the next class on the same topic for the days missed, without additional fee. Students need not reregister; however, they must notify EA Principals, Inc. (by email or telephone), so the registration fee for the makeup class can be waived and class logistics provided. Note: This refund policy does not apply if using special discount codes that have “no refund” specified in the usage instructions.  

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