Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – Fundamentals (2 days) (Live Online, 2024-12-09)

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Monday, December 9, 2024 to Tuesday, December 10, 2024
Live Online
Live Online



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About this course

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a full lifecycle modeling and design tool with an installed base of more than 850,000 licenses and supported by 230 partners in 160 countries.

Introduction to Enterprise Architect is intended for those new to the use of UML based modeling and design tools. It provides students with the information and knowledge to start using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) productively in their organization. More importantly, students will gain the confidence to use more of the tools capabilities on their own.  The course is offered in both public and private settings.

Beginning with an overview of architecture, design, and the Unified Modeling Language (UML), students will then have hands-on opportunities to learn to use the tool for a variety of common activities in typical usage scenarios like
requirements development, business/enterprise architecture, or systems architecture/engineering.

The course topics are introduced as part of hands on exercises, which can be customized to meet organizational needs (e.g., business modeling, requirements development, systems architecture, etc.) when delivered in a corporate setting. Students will work with version 15.1 of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.  Other versions can be used upon request. Common EA activities will be exercised by students to create a project and model elements such as requirements, use cases, structural and behavioral diagrams. The focus is on providing a working knowledge of the tool using it as a means of communication with stakeholders and analysis. At the conclusion of the course students will be prepared to effectively use EA in their work.

Duration: 2 Days

Classroom Equipment: Students will be provided with a trail version of the latest Enterprise Architect.

Course topics include:
EA User Fundamentals
  • Matching EA editions to user needs
  • Customizing the client environment
  • Project creation
Overview of UML and its core diagrams
  • Structural Diagrams
  • Behavioral Diagrams
  • EA Extended Diagrams
Requirements Management
  • Add elements to the model
  • Create element relationships
  • Exploring alternate visualizations
Reference Data
  • Tagged Values
  • Project Glossary
  • Images
  • Templates
Use Case Modeling
  • Use case diagrams
  • Use case scenarios
  • Importing model elements
Structural Models
  • Creating a Domain mode
UML Behaviors
  • Interaction diagrams
  • State diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
Creating Documentation
Generating reports in DOCX
  • Generating HTML reports
Model Search and Filtering
  • Find in Project
  • Diagram and element layout and appearance
Specific tool topics include
  • Traceability
  • Model selection
  • Model organization using views and packages
  • Adding/Creating, moving, and deleting models, diagrams, and elements
  • Element Linking
  • Model navigation
Course materials include presentation slides and a workbook with detailed instructions for each exercise
There are no prerequisites for this course.

A 100% refund, minus a 5% processing fee, will be given to students who drop or withdraw from the EA Principals, Inc. class no later than the 21st day prior to the announced scheduled start date. No refund will be given within 21 days of the published start date. Students missing a portion of a class, due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, will be able to attend the next class on the same topic for the days missed, without additional fee. Students need not reregister; however, they must notify EA Principals, Inc. (by email or telephone), so the registration fee for the makeup class can be waived and class logistics provided.

Note: This refund policy does not apply if using special discount codes that have “no refund” specified in the usage instructions.

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