TOGAF® Foundation Architecture 2022(Los Angeles, 2024-11-12)

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Tuesday, November 12, 2024 to Wednesday, November 13, 2024
Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA



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The TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition, is a proven, sustainable Enterprise Architecture framework that facilitates the delivery of effective business innovation. The TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition defines a modular framework ideally suited to the support of strategic planning of an organizations’ assets and other key elements that are essential to enterprise architecture vendors and their tools. 
  • For businesses, the TOGAF Standard,10th Edition empowers your organization with an adaptable framework that delivers practical, flexible and trusted governance. 
  • For Enterprise Architects, the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition provides an integrated, holistic view of an organizational landscape which enables strategic decision making by providing best practices for new business and technology trend adoption.
  • For consultants, the TOGAF Standard,10th Edition provides a modular, scalable framework that enables organizational transformation for different use cases and architecture styles.
This intensive course covers the entire syllabus for the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation, thereby preparing candidates for the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Part 1 examination. This course will provide students with the knowledge and a basic understanding of Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF® EA approach.
Introduction and TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Learning Path
Module 1: Introduction and Concepts
The Purpose of Enterprise Architecture
The Benefits of Having an Enterprise Architecture
A Framework for Enterprise Architecture
Architecture Domains
Architecture Abstraction in Enterprise Architecture
The Enterprise Continuum
The Architecture Repository
The TOGAF® Content Framework and Enterprise Metamodel
Architecture Capability
Risk Management
Gap Analysis
Module 2: Definitions
TOGAF Definitions that are examinable are covered throughout the course as part of other modules.
Module 3: Introduction to the ADM
The TOGAF® ADM and its Phases
“Draft” and “Approved” Deliverables
Iteration and the ADM
Governing the Creation, Development, and Maintenance of Enterprise Architecture
How to Scope an Architecture
Architecture Alternatives, Concerns, and Trade-Off
Purpose: Preliminary Phase
Objectives: Preliminary Phase
Purpose: Phase A
Objectives: Phase A
Purpose: Phases B, C, and D
Objectives: Phase B
Objectives: Phase C: Data Architecture and Application Architecture
Objectives: Phase D
Purpose: Phase E
Objectives: Phase E
Purpose: Phase F
Objectives: Phase F
Purpose: Phase G
Objectives: Phase G
Purpose: Phase H
Objectives: Phase H
Objectives: Requirements Management
Purpose: Requirements Management
Information Flow Between ADM Phases
How Developing Architecture can be Applied to Support Agile Software Development
Module 4: Introduction to ADM Techniques
How the ADM and Supporting Guidelines and Techniques Relate to Each Other
Purpose: Architecture Principles
Template for Architecture Principles
What Makes a Good Architecture Principle
Business Scenarios
The Purpose of Gap Analysis
Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
Risk Management and the TOGAF® ADM
Module 5: Introduction to Applying the ADM
How to Apply the TOGAF® Standard
Iteration and the ADM
The Three Levels of the Architecture Landscape
Partitioning to Simplify the Development of an Enterprise Architecture
Purpose-Based Architecture Projects
Applying the TOGAF® Standard to Support the Digital Enterprise
Module 6: Introduction to Architecture Governance
Architecture Governance
Why Architecture Governance is Beneficial
The Role of an Architecture Board and its Responsibilities
Architecture Contracts
Architecture Compliance
Module 7: Architecture Content
Key Concepts: Stakeholders, Concerns, Architecture Views, Architecture Viewpoints, and their Relationships
Building Blocks and the ADM
The TOGAF® Standard Deliverables Created and Consumed in the TOGAF ADM Phases

1 complimentary exam vouchers are included in the price of this course:

  • TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Part 1 Examination Voucher

Other Valuable Inclusions:

  • Entire collection of accompanying color slides*
  • Digital Version of TOGAF® EA Body of Knowledge
  • 4 Sets of Practice Tests*
*Note: Hard copies of these materials are provided for all students signing up at least 2 weeks prior to a course, unless extra copies are immediately available for use. Hard copies of material are not provided for online classes.
Application Architects
Application Portfolio Managers
Business Analysts
Business Architects
CIOs and CTOs
Data Architects
Enterprise Architects
I.T. strategists, senior business analysts
Information Architects
Infrastructure Architects
IT Architects
Others responsible for change programs
Program Managers
Project Managers
Security Architects and Technology Vendors
Solution Architects
System Integrators
Technology Architects
When you complete this course, you are entitled to receive a Certification of Completion upon request. This Certificate is not the same as the TOGAF® EA Foundations Certifications. To achieve certification, you must schedule, complete, and pass the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Part 1 Certification Exam.

How do I schedule my certification exam?
Students can book their exams through EA Principals, Inc., stands by to help students schedule their exams, should they need help.

The TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Part 1 exam:

  • Open Book: No
  • Exam type: Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Pass score: 60% (24 out of 40 questions)
  • Time limit: 60 minutes (*)
  • Retake policy: If you fail the test you must wait one month before another attempt
A 100% refund, minus a 5% processing fee, will be given to students who drop or withdraw from the EA Principals, Inc. class no later than the 21st day prior to the announced scheduled start date. No refund will be given within 21 days of the published start date. Students missing a portion of a class, due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, will be able to attend the next class on the same topic for the days missed, without additional fee. Students need not re-register; however, they must notify EA Principals, Inc. (by email or telephone), so the registration fee for the makeup class can be waived and class logistics provided.
Note: This refund policy does not apply if using special discount codes that have “no refund” specified in the usage instructions.

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